Recommended Reading

There are a number of books we would highly recommend that may help you on your journey.  Some may be used within the readings themselves, others we have just found to be very helpful in developing a strong devotional life.

Awakening FaithAwakening FaithJames Stuart Bell

A year’s supply of daily devotions from the Church Fathers.  Readings from this book provide an optional addition to Morning Prayer.  If using this resource, the page number for the reading is included in the rubric for that day.

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NouwenSpiritual FormationHenri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen was a Dutch-born Catholic priest whose ministry extended across the entire church during the 20th Century. In this brilliant book, he gives simple strategies to developing a deep prayer life and intense walk with God.

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ImitationThe Imitation of ChristThomas á Kempis

The most widely read devotional book after the Bible, everyone should own and continually consult this classic! The author was a 15th Century monk and priest whose deep wisdom and searching analysis of the human heart makes this book challenging to the very core.

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AmyIf Amy Carmichael – 

Amy Carmichael was a Victorian missionary to India whose ministry saw countless girls rescued from temple prostitution and thousands won for Christ. This books’ deceptively simple and short chapters will deeply call you to a greater sense of devotion and walk of love.

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GuyonExperiencing the Depths of Jesus ChristJeanne Guyon

Madame Guyon was a 17th Century mystic and teacher of the art of prayer. This is a simple, step-by-step guide to developing intimacy with God, taking you from your first steps in prayer to a depth that very few ever attain.

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The Practice of the Presence of GodBrother Lawrence

A compilation of the sayings of an obscure 17th Century monk who spent his life serving in the monastery kitchen. His advice on experiencing the continual presence of God has made this book an easy read and a spiritual classic.

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Celebration of DisciplineRichard Foster

This is one of the standard text books of spiritual life. Richard Foster is a modern teacher of the ancient spiritual disciplines  of prayer, solitude, contemplation, fasting, and obedience.  This one is a permanent fixture on my nightstand!

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